Method to the Madness

This blog, much like my life, does not follow one static theme. In lieu of having to restrict myself to one topic, I created this as an outlet to show my view on the things that I am passionate about, all while doing so in my own way. My writing style may not fit in with what I was originally taught to be “professional” (ie keep yourself out of what you write, don’t show any emotion, blah blah blah) but it is true to form with who I am. My words may give a different perception on certain topics, and may even be a bit aggressive, but it all comes from deep within. I may write something very profound and then later post something more entertaining and fun. Hence the title, Eloquent Deviance. If you are going to be a bit raucous, you may as well do it beautifully. Besides, it’s the 21st century. We’re all a little mad here.


18 thoughts on “Method to the Madness

  1. Dear Elequentdeviance,
    I do not necessarily think you have to have a set style of writing even within one blog. If you or any one else is writing a piece about the Baltimore riots then the piece needs to not have bias, have different points of view, good quotes, and be written in the upside down triangle method(I forgotten what that method is called). If however you or anyone else is writing a story with metaphors it can be in any style. If you or anyone else is writing a short story or poem they can choose what ever style they want.

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    • This is true. What I mean by that is the way I write, in regards to putting myself into my work, and the tone that comes from it. Perhaps a better explanation is that my work is my creativity, therefore an extension of me, and since I put a lot of my personality into what I write (which can be a bit much to handle for those that know me personally), it leaves with the same loud energy and vibrancy that I exude in everyday life (which also can be a bit too much for some people).

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