Phantoms of the Past

We all have a past we may not be proud of. We are not born knowing all we know now, thus we must grow as people. This means mistakes will be made, and feelings will be hurt. However, to sit and condemn a person striving to become better based on their past when you are only devolving to your past maturity state makes you one of the most pitiful human beings on the planet. “Oh you messed up 5 years ago? Well all the progress you have made financially, spiritually, mentally, or scholastically mean nothing then!” Really? I fully believe these people often project themselves onto others, or are so miserable in their own stagnancy that they want to tear others down to their level as opposed to working to build themselves up. As we know, a fool opening his/her mouth is all too easy in comparison to rational thought and action. The best part is these people often will call others childish and selfish based on past mistakes, all the while ignoring that they are actually speaking into a proverbial mirror. If you find such fault with the past of others, then why insist on buying land, building a house and living there?