The Flood

Some people believe that shedding tears is a sign of weakness. I wholeheartedly disagree. While crying signifies vulnerability or pain, the act in and of itself does not make a person weak. Tears can be cathartic, and cleansing in a way. It allows a person to acknowledge one’s emotions and the impact an event has on someone as opposed to bottling “negative” emotions away where they cause destruction. I argue that some of the strongest people are those in tune with themselves on a level that allows productive expression of emotion. I think of it this way: The clouds do not hold back the rain for fear of judgement. The rain falls until there is no more to pour, and if one looks beyond the rainy day, one will see that the rain cleanses what it touches. From the flood springs life, and drought is no more. In the same respect, tears can cleanse the mind, and new perspective and clarity can grow. Let the flood come down, embrace it, and you will see the sun shine again brighter than ever.


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