The Color of The Blues

The world, she is a cold one,
In case you ain’t heard the news,
I used to have a heart of gold,
But now I sing the blues.

I used to wear a big smile,
I had nothing to lose,
I once wore glasses tinted rose,
But now I sing the blues.

I saw people’s true intentions,
My temper turned a short fuse,
For years I saw through sight of red,
But now I sing the blues.

I had to make a living,
I need a home and I need food,
I sold my dreams just to make green,
And now I sing the blues.

I’ve loved and been abandoned,
Been broken down and used,
My soul turned a darker shade of black,
And now I sing the blues.

So listen well, young children,
Lest you be consumed,
Escape the towns with skies of gray,
Or you’re doomed to sing the blues.


This blues-inspired poem is a bit out of the ordinary for my writing style, however being born and raised in Mississippi, I have deep roots in the culture. A recent friend of mine, an up and coming local Blues singer by the stage name Katfish Frogmore, inspired me to write this poem through my working with him to help make his career dreams come true. When I am able, I will be posting more about his journey, and am going to help him become a fellow blogger as well, so I ask that my readers be on the lookout for that. I also ask that if you have the time or even the slightest interest in the music genre that you click the linked text and give Katfish Frogmore’s Facebook page a visit and listen.


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