Is enough ever good enough?

She had little to offer but herself, her intelligence, her humor, her passion for life. Was she enough?

She had no money but she had dreams, aspirations, strength and will. Did she plan enough?

She had a broken past, but a bright future. Was her spirit enough?

She gave her affection, her all. Was her love enough?

She fought for the love and life they built. Did she fight hard enough?

She gave him grays in her hair and lines on her face. Was her fading beauty enough?

She lost the fire in her eyes and the smile on her face. Were her tears enough?

She gave her time, one day at a time. Was her present enough?

She gave him the opportunity she craved while she spiraled into uncertainty. Was her future enough?

She gave everything when she had little to give, until she had no more. Was it enough?

Would it ever be enough, or when she had taken too much, would THAT bring in a realization?

Even then, with a realization after so long… Would that be enough for her?


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