Bittersweet Sacrifice

Self-sacrifice is important at times. It keeps us grounded, grateful, and keeps us from becoming self absorbed and apathetic to the plights of others. However, one must be careful to not proverbially put oneself upon the altar at every opportunity. Some people will take advantage of a good person’s selfless intentions, and if a pattern forms, eventually one will sacrifice everything and be left with nothing. Most of the time, when this happens, the people that use someone will move on to the next willing victim to drain, as that person gave their all ergo has nothing left to offer. This often leaves a person with nothing, and no one to help him/her or even offer an ounce of gratitude. People will even use what one gives them to tear one down more, akin to someone giving a person the very knife to impale him/her on. It isn’t always intentional, but it happens, and in the end, one will be left at rock bottom, clinging desperately to the nothing he/she has left. By all means, do good to your fellow human beings. Compassion in these dark times is rare and needed, and not everyone will use you. However be sure that you don’t become a sheep in the midst of wolves. Besides, it is so hard to help others when you yourself are at a disadvantage.


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