If you desire a passionate person in your life…

Be sure you are up to the challenge. Many people love the IDEA of a passionate person, but are complacent. Do not be the kind of person that only wants to stand near the fire to enjoy its light while complaining that it is getting too warm for you. Keep in mind as well that only when you tend the fire will the flames burn brighter; an untended fire will burn out until someone else is able to fuel the flames.


2 thoughts on “If you desire a passionate person in your life…

  1. I could not agree with this more! From person experience, if you are or want to be with a passionate person, then you need to embrace it. For whatever it is. For instance, I am extremely passionate about music and drumming. I have dated people that at first they say they love it. Then you find out not so much. They tried bringing me down or bringing me away from it. Yup, never gonna happen. What is funny about this is I was just talking with my mom today about how I am still working to get back to where I was with the drumming before the cancer, and how great it felt to pick up a pair of stick after 6 months of not drumming. I told her, take my kidney, I don’t care, but take away my drumming, and I am liable to go postal. Point is, yes, embrace the passion with the person. 🙂

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    • Not only that, but too many people take advantage of a passionate person, wanting the advantages of “standing in the limelight,” without being able to meet that person’s needs. They want to be able to feel the unrestrained love and affection, but are not willing to return it in the same force. It is a one way street to them. It doesn’t work that way, nor should it. All that does is wear the other person down, effectively letting one person’s energy leeching pull them away from what they felt made them special to that person to begin with.


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