A Walk Around the Writer’s Block

It happens to the best of us at one point or another. The inevitable curse of the writer, author’s bane, hitting the wall, writer’s block. Perhaps my over active mind is to blame for the fact that I seem to suffer this more than most, but whatever the reason, it is frustrating to no end. In fact, I am typing this post about writer’s block while suffering writer’s block on an article I would like to finish sometime tonight. (That’s totally not going to happen by the way.) I figured I could use a break from figuratively bashing my head into the proverbial pole over and over again.

See, for me, constantly trying to force myself to focus on something when I don’t yet know where to go with it only makes me want to pull my hair out more than the initial block did. My mind only wanders even more, and I’ll be stuck staring at the screen vacantly and unamused, probably with drool running down my face at the end of it, for hours. Then I get irritated that I wasted so much time not getting anything done.

What I have to do is completely walk away from a project, play a game, listen to music, go for a long bath, or something that lets me completely focus on anything but that project. Then when I am refreshed and my mind has calmed down, I can go back and think about what I want to write and how I want to do so.

How about you? What do you do to combat writer’s block?


10 thoughts on “A Walk Around the Writer’s Block

      • Reply to Fightalone1’s comment, “And also I could observe other people so i could get a new idea”.

        I totally agree %200 here. I observe people and listen to phrases/snippets people say and listen to people’s conversations. I go to coffee shops to get in the “zone” and there are always great characters there. You never know what and who you will find or what ideas you will get when you go into the city, businesses, and even the country and nature (Eloquentdeviance also mentioned the walks in the wilderness as a great pastime or relaxer or both) !

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  1. ” What do you do to combat writer’s block?”

    Well, what I try to do to combat writer’s block is to try and get back in to “the zone”. Doesn’t matter if I’m writing a blog post, or working on some code, I have to just completely bury myself back into what I was previously doing. It normally helps to go back over what I had just done and then focus on what my goals are. This is easier with code since it’s much more structured, with normal writing however such as for a blog it is much harder. Normally I just think over and over what I’m trying to get across, divide that into a sort of ‘mental bullet point’ list and work from there. Of course, even then that sometimes doesn’t even help, so normally it’s always good now and then to just step back for a bit and refresh your mind. There have been countless times over the last ten years, both in code and normal writing where I have gotten up in the middle of the night, or sprang up first thing in the morning because I suddenly had an idea. I then didn’t have to find a way to concatenate various thoughts or sentences together and somehow have to figure out a way to compile it into something actually comprehensible – it was just there all thanks to a refreshed mind.

    Sure, normally it’s frustrating as hell at the time, but that feeling when it finally lifts is so very much worth it. Keep it at love, take a little break and all will be well. Keep plugging away at this amazing blog!

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    • And I see this in person, much like you get to see my madness unfold when going through this. (I just hope you don’t notice the drooling zombie face :P)

      In all seriousness, I completely understand the spur of the moment ideas that come to you. Those are often the best, especially in blogging, because the ideas can be written down not from just a functional state, but a living breathing passionate state of mind.

      Thank you! I will have a cup of tea (hint hint) maybe a soak, and come back to it later.

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    • Dear Gordon Robert Speirs,
      I mostly agree with your reply on “What do you do to combat writer’s block?”

      Note: I am writing you here as a generalization of an artist and am not pointing fingers and am not saying you as Gordon.

      I believe that if you keep grinding at something that you are working on when you are having a hard time this process is really setting your self back. I have noticed for myself that I become less efficient and creative if I go over something too much. I like what you said about trying to be or become refreshed. If you walk away for a little while or for a day or two (depending on how much time you have) you are able to let your subconscious work on the project at hand. This sometimes can let your brain give you new ideas because one is not repeating, re-looking, and re-writting the same thing over and over again.


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